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Release Date: June 21, 2011

Catalog #: ART008

Format: CD / LP

And They Came Baring Bones


1. Black Bones
2. I, The Remover
3. History on Repeat
4. Breathing at the Bottom
5. Scarlet Shroud
6. Passages
7. Silver Sun
8. I, The Collector
9. Careless Men Lead Careless Lives
10. Eyes Like The Tides
11. White Light

And They Came Baring Bones- a subtle yet dark interpretation can be applied to this phrase and upcoming album title of Massachusetts s own post-hardcore heavy weights, Vanna.
And They Came Baring Bones is a coming of age album by telling the truth of how life really is a glimpse into the love/hate relationship with being full-time musicians and dealing with personal and professional setbacks combined with a sonic call to arms for a revolution in music. This new album is an outcry of self-expression an angst driven response it s our chance to be honest with our fans, exclaims vocalist Davey Muise. Be real, be who you are, there s no point to being anything else. Produced by producer/engineer genius Matt Goldman (Underoath, The Chariot, MyChildren MyBride) and recorded at Goldman s own Glow in the Dark Studios in Atlanta, GA, the album shows a new yet natural progression for the band a progression that is much darker and angrier than previous musical endeavors. Vanna Will release And They Came Baring Bones in June, surrounded by full US touring on the Atticus Young & Restless tour, Bamboozle and this year s Artery Foundation Across the Nation tour, which will highlight this album as the best the band has recorded to date.






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