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Band Members

Luke Rob - Vocals
Sam - Guitar/Vocals
Yanick Malley - Guitar
Alexis - Bass
Max Mayson - Drums

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White Fox Society

Hometown: Montreal, QC

Genre: Metalcore

Montreal’s upcoming rockstars White fox Society are a blast. As soon the music hits you, you know you’re in for a treat. With a new approach to the metal and rock music, they know how to create emotions.

Formed in early 2013, they decided to go big. Leaving no details to luck/fortune, they went record with Antoine Lussier. A few weeks after, they also went in New Hampshire to film the clip of their first single “Don’t Fall Into Snake Eyes” with Little Sky Films. Having in their hands the realisation of their dreams, they went onward to work with Seb Dub. He understood the very core of the band and designated the best artwork to represent them.

The main concept to grasp here is that the 5 piece formation want to inspire people to feel, to hope, to dream for better days. Wether it is anger, love, fear or hope, they know that life isn’t always black or always white. That is the very core of their music. They want people, to be a part of their dream, to be a part of what makes White Fox Society. When music is more than entertainment, when you get inspired by the core of a song, when your soul is warmed by the lyrics of a chorus. This is what motivates White Fox Society.

Planning ahead, seeing forward, they go on with more of their finest work. The best has yet to be unveiled.