Scars Of Tomorrow are back!


Scars of Tomorrow are back and firing on all cylinders.

The band has reformed and will release a brand new album Failed Transmissions via Artery Recordings on June 24, 2014.

The band, formerly signed to Victory and active in the early ’00s through 2007 before splitting, will also play the Main Stage at this year’s New England Metal Fest, which is “the” event for fans of hard rock and metal.

“It’s been six years since the Scars of Tomorrow’s final tour,” singer Mike Milford said. “In that time many things have happened and changed. Music is the best outlet for emotions and it’s something we all needed to feel again. This time the game has changed and it is awesome to be able to write and play music for all of the right reasons again with no politics behind it.”

Fans can enjoy a brand new blast of music from Scars of Tomorrow, as the brand new song “Questions” has been posted here.