Welcome Heartaches!


Artery Recordings has announced the signing of Heartaches from Sweden established 2014 in Helsingborg, and formed by the vocalist Casper Frisk and guitarist Tom Mähler.

They’re a band with influences from many different genres, which inspires them to write both heavy and emotional music. The purpose of the mix between heavy and emotional music is to really get into peoples hearts and make them feel the emotions in their music.

Everything started with the song “Memorial” that Casper and Tom wrote for Casper’s dad who passed away in cancer 2012, and after that song the songwriting process continued and soon they had made their first EP “I Loved I Hated” which were realased in 2014. The band continued, and looked for band members to complete the band so they could start doing some shows. Many changes has been made within the band members in the beginning, but they found the right members at last.

“Svart” will come out 8.12.16 with a whole new sound, but with just as much emotions, or even more.